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AMDA Cambodia 2018 Activity Report

Publication date:2019-04-17

AMDA Cambodia 2018 Activity Report (01 April 2018 – 31 March 2019)

(Donors: Yamaichi Kanko (Japan), AMDA International)
By Dr. Sieng Rithy, AMDA Cambodia Chairperson


As last year, AMDA Cambodia mainly worked on the following three initiatives, namely, 1) HIV/AIDS and STD prevention for youths, 2) football activities, and 3) a youth forum on reproductive and sexual health. 

1: HIV/AIDS and STD Prevention for Youths

Through a range of campaigns and youth forums, AMDA Cambodia organized workshops and training for youths to prevent HIV/AIDS and STDs.

-HIV/AIDS Projects

Funded by Yamaichi Kanko (Japan) and AMDA International, AMDA Cambodia developed IEC materials for HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns. The goods include 400 pairs of campaign T-shirts.  
-Support for World AIDS Day 2018

AMDA Cambodia supported Thbong Khmom Provincial Health Department to organize the World AIDS Day 2018. Setting this year’s theme as “Eradicating HIV/AIDS problems in Cambodia by 2025”, the event garnered more than 300 participants from all walks of life, comprising the health department officials, staff from the local government, volunteers, school teachers and students, not to mention people living with HIV/AIDS.

After the rally through the provincial town, they gathered at the health department head office for a discussion while hosting music and short drama performances. Likewise, all participating sectors presented a statement on how to achieve this theme.

A comprehensive and multi-sectoral collaboration is crucial for an effective HIV/AIDS prevention and disease control. Moreover, advocacy and communication campaigns can also help address this issue by increasing its coverage. This may bring about efficient medical interventions and care for those who live with the disease. With all the efforts underway, AMDA Cambodia strongly hopes that they influence the government’s policy-making in one way or another; thereby realizing the goal of HIV/AIDS eradication.   

鐚World AIDS Day 2018鐚


2: AMDA Cambodia Football Activities

Football has become a permanent activity at AMDA Cambodia. This year, AMDA Cambodia and Chenla University jointly established a new football team. 20 students were selected with the hope of forming the university’s official club team. The team is expected to take part in intercollege competitions in the near future.

AMDA Cambodia-Chenla University joint football team

3: Youth Forum on Reproductive and Sexual Health

In cooperation with Chenla University and Action For Health (AFH), AMDA Cambodia organized a one-day event, “Youth Forum on Reproductive and Sexual Health” on Saturday, 09 March 2019. The forum was aimed at promoting basic knowledge of STDs, birth spacing and skin ailments to young people. It also covered topics such as prevention of osteoporosis. The lectures were followed by a Q&A session in which participants actively took part. The organizers ardently wished that the participants would spread the knowledge to their friends and family members.
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