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Comments from Rwandan Medical Students (2): 2018 School Health Checkup Program in Rwanda

Publication date:2019-01-29
By Chiaki Hashimoto (Project Officer, AMDA Headquarters)

*This article is a compilation of comments from Rwandan medical students who took part in "2018 School Health Checkup Program in Rwanda" which was held in September 2018.

“This is a short message about what I gained (as a medical student and young Rwandan) with some comments about the medical checkup. As a medical student, I learnt general examination skills for children and the commonest conditions in the community which include dental carries, fungal infections, undescended testis, and growth problems (nutritional problems). The baseline causes of most of them are malnutrition and bad hygiene.

Moreover, I learnt that a medical doctor should have a good heart, humanism, a spirit of advocacy for his patient's medical and social problems. As a young Rwandan, I noticed that the future of Rwanda has its basis in the family, so as a future parent I owe it to my children in providing ideal growing conditions (nutrition, hygiene and education). During the medical checkup this year we saw young people in their puberty age, and I would suggest that next time we do a talk about reproductive health, as we did with the oral hygiene, and if possible, have a more private place for their examination.

To sum up I would like to quote a poem by Juvenal, a Roman poet “Mensa sana in corpore sano” (a healthy mind in a healthy body); and hereby thank NPO “Think About Education in Rwanda”, especially Ms. Marie Louise for thinking about young Rwandans and their future, taking care of their health and their education.
I would like also to thank all at the medical doctors: Dr. Yorifuji, Dr. Koga, Dr. Kenji, Dr. Calliope, and Dr. Naphtar for their guidance and the experience they shared with us medical students. Thank you!”

Niyibigenga Aimé (Grade 4, University of Gitwe)


“This is my second time to be involved in the medical checkup. I’ve experienced so many things: firstly by learning what a medical checkup really is and its importance for the children and their families. Relating medical checkups and my studies, it has helped a lot because I have met doctors from Japan who are very smart; they showed me how to diagnose different pathologies based simply on physical examination and history of the patient without further paramedical investigations. They inspired me to have a passion for my career and taught me different conditions that I did not know before.

Personally, I met no challenge, but I recommend a strong follow-up for the children who were diagnosed with serious symptoms and give them every possible support because some children are from very poor families; others have parents who were separated or who are drug abusers. I think the government can be involved and play its role here.

In conclusion, I would like to take this opportunity to address my sincere thanks to the NPO who thought about us and gave us this incredible chance; Dr. Calliope for his encouragement and all the team including doctors from AMDA, Dr. Naphtal, the nurse for their tireless effort in coaching and teaching medical students. I thank Ms. Louise for her hospitality and huge support. I would like to extend my special thanks to the logistics team as well. May God bless you abundantly.” 

Mutuyimana Diane Joyeuse (Grade 4, University of Gitwe)

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