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AMDA Emergency Relief #6: Emergency Relief for Flood Victims in Sri Lanka

Publication date:2019-01-11
After confirming that medical institutions and health centres are functioning at regular capacity once again, AMDA ended its relief activities in Kilinochchi District on the 4th January.

On the 5th January, the AMDA nurse travelled to Jaffna, also affected by flooding and in northern Sri Lanka, and visited the St. John Ambulance Sri Lanka Jaffna branch, who worked with the nurse until the 1st in Kilinochchi. He reported his activities carried out from 2nd January onward. Besides, the nurse donated two first-aid boxes containing scissors, gauze, antiseptic solution, surgical tape, ayurvedic oil, hand sanitizer, various OTC drugs, etc. to the branch who has worked for the flood affected people in Jaffna, although the area was not directly affected by the flooding. He also provided another first-aid box to Jaffna Teaching Hospital, the region’s flagship hospital that had been treating those injured by the flooding. On the 6th, he gave one first-aid box to a representative of an orphanage in Jaffna, and distributed 20 notebooks and 2 sets of stationery to the children there.

The AMDA nurse, who finished his relief activities on the 6th January, then travelled to Colombo on the same day, where AMDA Sri Lanka has a base. On the 7th, he reported his activities to AMDA Sri Lanka Chairperson Dr. Sarath Samarage. Additionally, Dr. Samarage and the AMDA nurse visited the Japanese Embassy in Sri Lanka to report on their activities.

Afterwards, on the same day, the nurse departed Sri Lanka and arrived in Japan the following day, officially completing AMDA’s emergency relief activities for the flooding in Sri Lanka.

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