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AMDA Emergency Relief #4: Sunda Strait Tsunami, Indonesia

Publication date:2018-12-31
AMDA is currently conducting relief activities while exchanging information with the Medical Cluster of Pandeglang Regency, Banten that presides over medical relief in the

On the 30th, the joint AMDA HQ and AMDA Indonesia team visited Skajadi village, close to where they are staying, and conducted activities around the area including medical relief and distributing relief goods. This village was not directly damaged by the tsunami, but many of the residents evacuated when the tsunami struck.

The doctor and nurse from AMDA Indonesia provided medical treatment and advice to 34 people, who were suffering from high blood pressure, fatigue, stomach pains, wounds, etc. One patient with high blood pressure said, “My regular clinic has been damaged by the tsunami so I’ve been unable to see a doctor, so I was extremely lucky that you came all the way to this village”. In addition, a person who injured their foot while walking on the debris along the shoreline after the tsunami told the medical team, “I couldn’t walk to the clinic because of my foot, so I am grateful that you could treat me here”. Also, while treating the local people, the team heard that many people evacuated several times due to rumors of more tsunamis coming, and that they were terrified by the sound of the tsunami.

At the same time, the team distributed relief goods to 50 households in the same area. As stores nearby the village had closed down due to the disaster, the team personally distributed daily commodities, including foodstuffs, seasonings, and soap, that they had travelled roughly two hours by car to a town called Cilegon to buy. Furthermore, they provided baby food and mosquito nets to a number of households that had babies. One of the mothers who received supplies said that there was food at the evacuation sites but no baby food, so she was very grateful as she could take this baby food with her if they had to evacuate again.

Additionally, the team participated in an event run by local volunteers aimed at the children in the village, and helped to distribute 300 portions of bread.

AMDA Medical Team from AMDA Indonesia
1.    Dr. Adniyaria (Male, Resident of Anesthesiology)
2.    Mr. Sahruna Madjid (Male, Nurse)
3.    Mr. Khusnul Yaqien (Male, Medical Student)
AMDA Team from AMDA Headquarters
4.   Mr. Yutaro Kamikura (Male, Coordinator)
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