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AMDA Emergency Relief #3: Sunda Strait Tsunami, Indonesia

Publication date:2018-12-30
On 27th December, the joint team of AMDA Indonesia and AMDA Headquarters continued needs assessment by visiting several local public offices, such as the disaster management center and the health office of Pandeglang Regency. There, they confirmed that the affected people already received all necessary things by the local governments and others.

On the following day, on their way to Sumur Village, one of the worst affected areas by Tsunami, they stopped by some villages to conduct the mobile clinic and distribute food. In Tanjungjaya Village, most of houses were washed away by Tsunami. One of the patients injured his leg during the sudden Tsunami attack since he panicked, and he received treatment from the AMDA Indonesia doctors. When visiting Camara Village, the team found that there was not enough food, so the food was distributed to approximately 45 people there.

By the time when the team finally reached Sumur Village, they figured out that the residents evacuated toward mountains in the afternoon after they cleaned up their affected houses or did their business for their safety. Thus, the team also distributed food to the affected people who were evacuating toward mountains.

The food was distributed to a total of 95 people while 4 people received health consultation or treatment from the AMDA Indonesia team on the day.

AMDA Medical Team from AMDA Indonesia
1.    Dr. Hisbullah Amin (Male, Anesthesiologist)
2.    Dr. Adniyaria (Male, Resident of Anesthesiology)
3.    Mr. Sahruna Madjid (Male, Nurse)
4.    Mr. Khusnul Yaqien (Male, Medical Student)

AMDA Team from AMDA Headquarters
5.   Mr. Yutaro Kamikura (Male, Coordinator)
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