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AMDA Emergency Relief #1 : Emergency Medical Relief for Flood Victims in Sri Lanka

Publication date:2018-12-27
According to Sri Lanka’s Disaster Management Centre, continual torrential rains caused by low air pressure since 21st have led to flooding in the north provinces of Sri Lanka. As of 26th Dec., two deaths have been confirmed, 8,683 people from 2,680 households have been forced to evacuate, and a total of 87,693 people from 27,879 households have been affected by this disaster.

AMDA Sri Lanka began emergency relief activities shortly after the outset of the disaster. In addition, upon request of AMDA Sri Lanka, AMDA headquarters dispatched a nurse to Sri Lanka from Japan. Before departure, the nurse said, “by rushing from Japan, I want to do anything I can to make the people of Sri Lanka happy, regardless of the language barrier. I want to make use of my experience working with AMDA at the time of the Sulawesi earthquake, Indonesia in Sept. 2018, my own study and participating in drills to contribute my services in Sri Lanka”. The nurse departed from Okayama Station at 8.59am (JST) on 27th Dec. and departed Kansai International Airport for Sri Lanka at 1:55pm.

Dispatched from AMDA HQ

Hideaki Yamazaki – Nurse – Member of AMDA ER Network

AMDA Sri Lanka dispatched a survey team, who is currently gathering information in Kilinochchi, the north of the country. After arriving in Sri Lanka, the AMDA nurse will join with the AMDA Sri Lanka team to discuss concrete plans for relief activities based on information gathered.
Although the water has receded in the affected areas, the Sri Lankan government remains on high alert following forecasts of more rain to come.

Kilinochchi is one area where the AMDA peace-building program has taken place. During the ceasefire of the Sri Lankan civil war, AMDA conducted the program from 2003 to 2006 via emergency medical relief in three regions where each of the three opposing ethnic groups lived. AMDA continues to carry out this program as an exchange program for the next generation.

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