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Emergency Relief for Flood Victims in Kerala State, India ~An Appreciation Letter from Sewa Bharati, India~

Publication date:2018-12-11
When a massive flood, the worst flood in 100 years, hit southern India state of Kerala in August 2018, AMDA and AMDA India in collaboration with local organizations conducted emergency relief activities in the affected area.

We have received a letter of appreciation from Professor M.Yogesh at Mount Zion College of Engineering who was in charge of medical coordination for “Seva Bharati” Chengannur chapter relief activities. We have worked with them for the disaster affected people in Kerala.


October 27, 2018

Dr. Shigeru Suganami                                   
President, AMDA International

Dear Dr. Shigeru Suganami,
The People of Kerala witnessed in the month of August, 2018 unprecedented rainfall and floods in almost all parts of the state, which was the worse natural calamity in a century.  About one-sixth of the population was directly hit and the rest affected in many ways. Chengannur and its surroundings were totally devastated in the floods.  Hundreds of thousands of people were evacuated and a huge number of flood victims were sheltered in camps.  As an aftermath of the floods, epidemics like cholera, dengue, diarrhea, rat-fever and other infectious and contagious diseases broke out.   Understanding the magnitude of the disaster, Government invoked aid and medical help from voluntary organizations in India and abroad.  

International organizations like AMDA rose to the occasion. Doctors from AMDA, with extensive support from Seva Bharathi- Kerala, did meritorious medical aid in about 15 relief camps in and around Chengannur, from September 3 to 6, 2018. Special mention to the AMDA officials Tomoko Iwao, Dr.Meenakshi Joshi and the people who accompanied for the relief activities.

We acknowledge with sincere gratitude your invaluable medical assistance, support and help to the flood affected people in the relief camps.  
We sincerely hope that our association with you will continue to have a long lasting friendly relationship.

With the warmest regards,

Dr. Yogesh M
Seva Bharathi Medial Wing, Chengannur.

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