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AMDA Emergency Relief #5: Sulawesi Earthquake

Publication date:2018-10-16
On 10 October, one anesthetist from AMDA Indonesia partook in three surgical operations in Palu, a city severely devastated by the quake. At Anutapura Hospital, the joint team of Japanese medical personnel and local doctors saw nine patients whose symptoms include crush injuries and abscess.

In the afternoon, a group of personnel from AMDA, Anutapura Hospital and Arteria (a local aid organization) visited Talipa Beach, approximately an hour-drive from the hospital, to conduct mobile clinic. The team worked in two villages, namely, Talipa Gingiri and Talipa Watuoge, where each of the communities consisted of 70 to 80 households (well over 300 people). Among six orthopedic cases, there was a patient with avascular necrosis who was later transferred to a hospital.

In the evacuation shelters, every family is living in a tent which is set up at some interval to each other. No toilet or bath is seen but the locals say they have enough water supply for such purposes. The team, however, will discuss plans to provide aid as daily commodities have been lacking.

On the 11th, AMDA personnel continued to work in Anutapura Hospital just as the day before.  The anesthetist handled four surgical operations that day while others engaged themselves in patient care.

Likewise, AMDA teamed up with Arteria to conduct mobile clinic in Tawaeli, a village located 30 kilometers from the hospital. One of the noteworthy cases was a patient with contusion and frequent bruising. Coupled with regular treatment, the patient also received antibiotics from local doctors. “I feel really fortunate to be seen by Japanese medical staff,” the patient said.


Another AMDA Indonesia team joins the mission

On 11 October, another batch of AMDA Indonesia team (three doctors and three coordinators) arrived in Donggala in Central Sulawesi. After assessing the local needs upon arrival, the team headed to the city of Palu where the advance team had already been working. Before leaving Makassar (their home turf in South Sulawesi) on the day before, the team had procured goods such as water purifiers, generators, medical goods, water and tents to carry with them.

The entire relief is a collaborative effort between AMDA, Hasanuddin University and University of Muslim. TMAT, a Japanese medical NGO, which had worked with AMDA from the 2nd of October completed its mission and returned to Japan on the 10th.
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