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AMDA Emergency Relief #4: Sulawesi Earthquake

Publication date:2018-10-16
On 07 October, the team of one doctor and two nurses from Japan arrived in Makassar, Indonesia to join the relief work in Palu, Central Sulawesi for the catastrophic earthquake that struck the region on 28 September. After having a meeting with Dr. A. Husni Tanra (Chairperson of AMDA Indonesia) about further relief activities, the doctor and one of the nurses left for disaster-hit Palu City to join AMDA Indonesia’s medical team. The other nurse stayed in Makassar as a liaison to coordinate the relief work.

On the 8th, the team visited several villages in Palu to assess the medical needs in the area. Seeing no residents in the villages with collapsed buildings, a fallen bridge and soil liquefaction, the team recognized firsthand the tremendous damage by the quake and tsunami. TMAT, a Japanese medical NGO which has collaborated with AMDA, visited the evacuation center in Petobo, Palu City after helping 17 surgical operations in Anutapura Hospital. As they recognized the shortage of medical materials in the evacuation area, TMAT provided medical supplies prepared by local doctors.

During the mobile clinic in South Dolo (located about 20 kilometers from Anutapura Hospital), the team examined with local doctors four patients on the suspicion of bone fractures (one of them was sent to the hospital with a possible fracture of femur).
On the 9th, AMDA team also helped 13 medical examinations in Anutapura Hospital in collaboration with TMAT. After that, AMDA team moved to Donggala (about 30 kilometers north of Palu City) to conduct a needs assessment in the area. It revealed that no more medical aid was needed as there were already a sufficient number of medical staff in nearby medical facilities. Accordingly, the team donated items such as beverages, fruits, dried noodles and tissue paper, all of which the area was in short supply. The relief goods were offered by the police and hospitals in Palu before the team left for Donggala.

Meanwhile, TMAT continued working in Palu to care for patients whose symptoms include suspected bone fractures, subcutaneous tissue abscess to name a few.

AMDA carried on with the relief work on the following day as well.

The mission is a collaborative effort between AMDA, Hasanuddin University, University of Islam and TMAT (a Japanese medical NGO).
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