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Activity Report: Relief Activities for Earthquake in Lombok, Indonesia

Publication date:2018-10-15
By Masami Brooks, AMDA Headquarters

AMDA Indonesia sent a team of medical personnel with AMSA (Asian Medical Students’ Association) to launch relief activities for the victims of deadly earthquake (M6.4) that hit Lombok Island in Indonesia on 29 July 2018.

Followed by the initial needs assessment, the joint relief team worked in the village of Sembalun to provide a mobile clinic service while handing out relief supplies.

On the evening of 05 August, a bigger quake struck the area again in the midst of the relief effort. AMDA medical team tried to keep the confusion contained as rumors pertaining to the possible arrival of tsunami were going around.

The next morning, the team visited a hospital in Mataram in which AMDA anesthetists eventually took part in 30 surgical operations. They made the decision to join forces with the local surgeons after witnessing a number of patients lining up outside the building.

Later on, AMDA Indonesia decided to send the second team to deal with the imminent tasks. The first team was replaced with the second one, with more anesthetists to support surgical operations. One of the anesthetists, who was struck by a massive aftershock while conducting an operation, said there was no way he could leave his patient behind. He recalled the only thing he could do was to pray and carry on with his work.

Other than working in the hospitals, the team also gave medical treatment and provided relief goods at a local evacuation shelter. There, AMDA’s second team checked every evacuee’s health condition as some of them were reluctant to go out in fear of getting kidnapped despite feeling unwell. The patients who couldn’t seek help due to physical pain or other symptoms also thanked AMDA staff for the assistance it offered.

On the other hand, all of the medical personnel who took part in the effort said they were able to gain valuable experience which cannot be experienced in their daily clinical work. The doctors were also moved by the victims’ composure in spite of the hardships such as losing family members or constantly trying to find their loved ones amidst the blackout.

Among the touching episodes was a case in which an expectant mother was able to deliver her child safely at a hospital after being transferred in an ambulance, not to mention AMDA staff accompanying her all that while.
On 16 August, AMDA President Dr. Suganami and AMDA Indonesia Chairperson Dr. Tanra visited the disaster site to donate relief supplies to the local municipality.

According to a news source, the overall death toll topped 460 with more than 7,000 people getting injured in the catastrophe.

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