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AMDA Emergency Relief #3: Sulawesi Earthquake

Publication date:2018-10-09
In response to the devastating earthquake that hit Central Sulawesi in Indonesia, AMDA’s medical relief team has been engaged in the relief work in the city of Palu since 02 October. AMDA’s medical team has worked in two local hospitals, namely, Undata Hospital and Anutapura Hospital, to partake in a series of surgical operations and injury treatment. Following the first batch of relief team (two anesthetists and two medical students), the second team arrived in Palu on the 5th to join the aid work. The mission is a collaborative effort between AMDA, Hasanuddin University, University of Islam and TMAT (a Japanese medical NGO).

Besides working in the said facilities, the joint team visited the town of Balaroa (located two kilometers from Anutapura Hospital) to assess the extent of the damage. Local residents estimate around 3,000 lives might have been lost in the area. While half of the city has recovered from the power outage, Anutapura Hospital is still relying on a generator for its power supply.
In the meantime, a Japanese team of doctor and nurses arrived in Indonesia on the 7th to join the ground team. They are expected to work in Palu until the 16th.
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