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AMDA Emergency Relief #6: Philippines Typhoon/Monsoon Disaster

Publication date:2018-10-03
Upon completing relief work in Benguet and Pangasinan, AMDA personnel arrived in Cebu which was devastated by the monsoon. After procuring food and medical goods in Cebu’s capital, the personnel moved to Naga, the hardest-hit area in the region.
First, AMDA personnel paid a courtesy call to the city mayor of Naga and learned that 1,719 families have been seeking shelter in 11 evacuation facilities. While it is unclear as to when the situation gets normalized, the death toll reached 72 with 10 people missing. AMDA collaborated with the Philippine Navy to provide food aid to 672 families in total at two evacuation shelters.


Meanwhile, thanks to AMDA Philippines, AMDA personnel was able to provide antihypertensive drugs and other medicine to Naga City Medical Operation Center that handles medical information gathering of the evacuees. The medication will be distributed by a local mobile medical team that goes around each evacuation site every five days. The evacuees thanked AMDA for the aid in the midst of uncertainty and exhaustion.

AMDA will be completing the mission shortly, however, will keep an eye on the local situation by closely corresponding with its local partners from now onward. 

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