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AMDA Emergency Relief #10 – Hokkaido Earthquake Emergency Relief

Publication date:2018-10-02
On 29 September 2018, AMDA completed its relief activities in the town of Atsumacho in Hokkaido which was devastated by the quake-triggered landslide at the beginning of the month. AMDA’s relief personnel worked in Atsuma Chuo Elementary School and other evacuation shelters in the area to provide a range of relief activities which include health monitoring, hygiene maintenance and provision of meals. Each effort was made possible thanks to the earnest support from the local municipal governments, the regional medical relief headquarters and other concerned parties.

As of 01 October, the local authority said there are 696 people still seeking shelter in the prefecture.

According to AMDA’s ground team, the victims seemed to have been suffering from loss of appetite, nausea, insomnia and anxiety that were mostly stemming from the prolonged evacuation life. However, no serious case was found during AMDA’s assistance.

Day by day, there has been visible signs of recovery in the affected town as prefabricated buildings were set up in the school playground by the local education board. When AMDA team visited one of the shelters to see how the evacuees were doing, their health conditions were relatively well maintained and no relief supplies were in short.

Even after a month from the disaster, the local residents continue to express their worries for their future and aftershocks. Especially for heads of families, the loss of homes or lands they inherited from their ancestors is breaking their hearts.

Although the team has already left the town, AMDA hopes to keep in touch with the locality and provide coherent assistance if need be.

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