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AMDA Emergency Relief #4 - Philippines Typhoon/Monsoon Disaster

Publication date:2018-10-02
On the evening of 28 September, AMDA collaborated with the Philippine Air Force to provide relief goods in the town of Itogon in Benguet Province which was heavily devastated by the landslides. A set of relief supplies including rice, instant noodles, tinned food, crackers and coffee were provided to 100 families that were evacuated at Lower Gomok Coop in the Ucab district.

On the following day, the relief team visited evacuation shelters in the town of Wangal in La Trinidad in which 41 families benefited from the food donation. One of the victims said AMDA’s aid was a lot of help as residents lost their jobs due to the calamity while the locality is known for gold mining. In addition to the food assistance, the team donated medicine to the health bureau of Itogon to fulfill the lack of medication.

Other than noted, the Department of Social Welfare and Development (who runs evacuation centers) as well as a Philippine Air Force unit in Baguio kindly agreed to undertake food provision in the areas where aid has not yet reached.

Meanwhile, on the 29th an AMDA coordinator visited Lingayan in Panagasinan Province (approximately 4-5 hours from Benguet) with a local-counterpart team to conduct emergency assistance in the region. After assessing the extent of damage, the AMDA coordinator donated 400 metal sheets for roofing as the roofs were blown away by the typhoon. One local resident said he was thankful for the aid because he had no money to repair the roof.
On the next day, relief activities were also launched in Naga City in Cebu for the landslide victims.
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