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AMDA Emergency Relief #3 - Philippines Typhoon/Monsoon Disaster

Publication date:2018-09-29
In the morning of 27 September, the AMDA coordinator spoke with AMDA’s local partner, Dr. Mercado (the key figures for AMDA`s Global Partnership for Sustainable Peace (GPSP) program and currently serves as Deputy Cabinet Secretary at the Office of the Cabinet Secretary of the Philippines and Executive Director of the Performance and Projects Monitoring Office) to plan relief activities for the affected people from the recent typhoon disaster. In the afternoon, the AMDA coordinator departed with a local coordinator for Baguio, Benguet Province on the island of Luzon.

On 28 September, AMDA cooperated with the Philippine Air Force to conduct relief activities in Benguet Province, one of the worst-hit areas by Typhoon Mangkhut. They decided to distribute food and other supplies to the people evacuating in the 18 evacuation sites in the province and began purchasing and packing in preparation. In addition, among those who have already returned to their homes, many are faced with unemployment and their houses are partially damaged. Therefore, the relief team decided to also provide relief for such families.

On 29 September, AMDA plans to work with the Philippine Air Force to visit evacuation centers to distribute the relief supplies.

*Note: On 27 November 2017, AMDA signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Philippine Office of the Cabinet Secretary at Malacañang Palace to cooperate to provide support in times of disaster in the Philippines, Japan, or other countries. AMDA hopes to implement this MoU in its current relief efforts to assist the people of the Philippines.

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