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AMDA Emergency Report #4 – Hokkaido Earthquake Emergency Relief

Publication date:2018-09-14
(9th September report)

The AMDA Support Farmers Group* arrived by car to Sapporo City in the early hours of the morning of the 9th September after driving for more than a day. At the same time, the two AMDA coordinators entered Atsuma Town to prepare for the day’s meal provision. The two groups joined at around noon and, after consulting with a representative from the town hall, decided that they will provide meals for those evacuating at Atsuma Sports Center. Afterwards, they set up their area and began cooking 200 portions of curry.

Although there were only about 50 people evacuating at the Atsuma Sports Center as many had already returned to their homes, running water was still not available throughout the town, so it was necessary to also provide food for those living in the vicinity.

According to the 11am report on 9th September from the chief of the Crisis Management Section of the Hokkaido General Affairs Department, 37 deaths have now been reported, and there are 5,788 people living among 178 evacuation centers. Although power has returned to many of the affected areas, running water is still unavailable.

*The AMDA Support Farmers Group consists mainly of individual farmers who provide food for disaster victims and support agricultural schools. Presently, there are roughly 50 members. They have been conducting activities such as sending rice to an NPO in Sendai City.
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