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​AMDA Emergency Response Update #1 – Lombok Island, Indonesia Earthquake

Publication date:2018-08-16
On 5th August, a magnitude 7 earthquake hit East Lombok, Indonesia. Over ten days have now passed, and the damage caused has become clear. As of 10th August, the death toll had reached 321 and 270,000 people had been forced to evacuate their homes. Based on information from the 9th, more than 1000 people received serious injuries and are being treated by medical institutions. As authorities are still collecting information, these figures are likely to increase further.

In light of this severe situation, Dr. Suganami, president of AMDA, has been dispatched to the affected area. Dr. Suganami, who was in Malaysia at the time, travelled to Indonesia on the 13th and is currently working with AMDA Indonesia to offer support to the local people.

AMDA Indonesia dispatched its first medical team (comprised of two doctors and one doctor from AMSA International (Asian Medical Students’ Association)) on 1st August in response to the magnitude 6.4 that hit the same area on 29th July. The first medical team patrolled the area to provide medical assistance to those affected. On the 6th August, the day after the latest magnitude 7 earthquake, the team visited the provincial hospital in Kota Mataram in West Nusa Tengarra Province. The hospital was overflowing with patients, some even being treated in the hospital car park. In response to this awful situation, AMDA dispatched its second medical team comprising of one anaesthesiologist, two general doctors and another doctor from AMSA. This second medical team arrived on Lombok Island on the 8th August and continues to provide medical relief to the injured in East Lombok.
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