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AMDA Emergency Response #17 – West Japan Torrential Rain

Publication date:2018-07-25
As of 24 July 2018, AMDA has been providing medical and health-related assistance in three locations, namely, Sunwork Soja (Soja City), Okada Elementary School (Mabicho), and Mabi Community House Sone Branch (Mabicho).

Meanwhile, AMDA has also sent medical personnel to Mabi-Kinen Byoin Hospital to join the medical work on the ground.

Activity report (23 July 2018):

-Sunwork Soja (Soja City):

At Sunwork Soja where 47 people from 18 households have been seeking shelter (as of 23 July), one health worker and one coordinator from AMDA have been providing aid work with local health workers.

They go around the shelter to see how each evacuee is doing, and provide consultations or care if needed. The physical exercise they organize regularly is helping the evacuees as they tend to get inactive during the shelter life.

For those who were suffering from constipation, a stomach massage was given to lighten the symptom. The pace of life has been gradually getting back to normal, however, still a number of elderly people find themselves difficult to go out.

On the 22nd and 23rd, one health worker and one nurse from AMDA accompanied about 20 volunteers who came from other prefectures. Although no one was hurt or suffered heatstroke during the clearing work, AMDA personnel were at the standby for those who worked under the harsh condition.

-Mabi Community House Sono Branch (Mabicho)

AMDA nurse has started to do the rounds at night for the elderly evacuees that need nursing care. They are originally from a nearby elderly nursing home and are currently staying at Mabi Community House.

As some of them need support when using a toilet, the caregivers of the nursing home (who are often the disaster victims themselves) had to assist the elderly people around the clock. It is for this reason that AMDA decided to send a nurse to help lessen the workload of the caregivers. Relief personnel from DWAT (Disaster Welfare Assistance Team) is also working closely with the AMDA nurse to do the rounds.

- Okada Elementary School (Mabicho)

1. Acupuncture treatment

On 23 July, 18 people (including seven “first timers”) received the acupuncture treatment at AMDA Care Room. More than a week have passed since the launch, and much of the symptoms have been the same (backache, neck pain, shoulder ache etc.) However, the pain seems to be getting worse as their fatigue has been accumulated. Most of the patients are in their 30s to 50s and their signs of exhaustion are visible.

While some of the evacuees also complained of the dullness in the lower part of their body, those who have spent most of their time in the shelter have had the swelling from being inactive. The excessive heat is also worsening this symptom.

As for the acupuncture treatment, the therapist spends enough time with each patient, listening to each of their stories which helps alleviate the symptom. This makes so much difference as the tone of their voice sounds much more relaxed after the treatment. Conversations and acupuncture complement each other, and it is a great reminder that sharing one’s stories calmly through conversations plays an important role in keeping oneself sane and fit. It is hoped that this kind of assistance will further enhance AMDA’s health-related support.

2. Massage and footbath

The massage and footbath services provided at the Care Room have been well received as a lot of people use the footbath while waiting for the massage. This day alone, 12 people used the footbath which is set at the corridor in front of the Care Room, and 11 people received the massage treatment.


Being part of *AMDA’s Platform for the Great Nankai Trough Disaster, municipalities and organizations such as Kuroshiocho Town in Kochi Prefecture, Kaiyocho Town in Tokushima Prefecture, Seto Kenshin Clinic (Kagawa), and Sakura Clinic (Tokushima Prefecture) have been rendering support.

(*AMDA’s Platform for the Great Nankai Trough Disaster is a disaster-response platform which AMDA established in preparation for the expected Nankai Trough Disaster which is said to hit Japan in the near future.)

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