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AMDA Emergency Response #8 – West Japan Torrential Rain

Publication date:2018-07-16
As of 14 July 2018, AMDA has carried out the following activities in Soja City and Mabicho that were heavily affected by the torrential downpours that struck west Japan last week.

On the 13th and 14th, AMDA provided a mobile medical consultation service at Sunwork Soja, one of the main evacuation shelters in the area. Besides, as most of the evacuees go out to clean their houses or spend their time at relatives’ place during the day time, AMDA staff cleaned inside the shelter during their absence. For those who find it difficult to go out, on the 14th, AMDA was requested to organize physical exercise, origami and other activities to keep them active. The preparations are underway.

On the same day, Soja City Municipal Government set a medical post to provide first aid to the victims and over 1,000 volunteers who gathered in the city to render help. From AMDA, one nurse and one coordinator have been allocated from the launch of the medical post and took care of those who injured themselves during the clear-up or those who had heatstroke.


AMDA’s massage service has been well received by the evacuees seeking shelter at Okada Elementary School. The service has been provided at Okada Kindergarten which is next to the elementary school. 39 people received the treatment during four days from the 11th to 14th. They said it was such a relief as their fatigue has been culminated and wished the service would continue. “Thanks to the massage, now I can walk straight,” one evacuee said. In addition to the massage, it was decided that an acupuncture service would be provided from the 14th. Accordingly, AMDA planned the layout of the space and procured necessary items to start up the acupuncture service.


*On Tuesday 17 July, AMDA will be organizing a street fund-raising between 4pm and 5pm at the underpass that connects JR Okayama Station and Aeon Mall Okayama. Your kind assistance would be deeply appreciated.

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