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AMDA Emergency Response #7 – West Japan Torrential Rain

Publication date:2018-07-16
It has been just over one week since the torrential rain disaster started in west Japan. AMDA has been providing emergency medical relief at evacuation centers in Soja City and Mabicho, both in Okayama Prefecture. Mabicho is one of the towns which were most affected by flooding. On 12th July, AMDA’s relief work was as follows:

<Soja: Sunwork Soja>

In the meantime, the team based in Soja has been working closely with the Soja City Municipal Government from the onset of the disaster. On the 12th, two nurses from Fukuyama Medical Center joined the AMDA medical team and conducted health and medical consultation at Sunwork Soja, one of the main evacuation shelters in the area. Some of the evacuees who were actually from Kurashiki City (not Soja City) were relocated to shelters which were closer to their homes. However, the AMDA medical team did their best to provide medical checkups to 18 people while they were still there, and those who were relocated were able to do so without issue. 

<Mabicho: Okada Elementary School and Okada Kindergarten>

AMDA has been providing a massage service at one of the evacuation centers in Mabicho since 11th July. On the 12th, 13 people received massages between 10am and 6pm. Since the space allocated for the service has been air-conditioned, the service was well received by the evacuees as it allowed them to soothe themselves from the exhaustion they have been enduring. Many evacuees have been exhausted from trying to clear up debris under the sweltering summer heat. This service was also continued the next day, 13th July.
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