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AMDA Emergency Response #4 – West Japan Torrential Rain

Publication date:2018-07-11
On 9th July, it was decided that the evacuees in Soja City (including some who came from Mabi City –  one  of the worst-hit areas in the region) should be transferred to evacuation centers with air conditioning. As there was no air conditioning at the Kibi Arena, where the AMDA medical team had previously been working, the Japanese summer heat was worsening evacuation conditions. Subsequently, the roughly 1000 evacuees at the Kibi Arena in Soja City were transferred across eight different evacuation sites in the area.

In preparation for the transfer, the AMDA team, in cooperation with one doctor, four nurses, two pharmacists and one coordinator, went around and spoke to many of the evacuees and listened to their concerns. It seems that many people evacuated without being able to bring their own medication. The medical providers present continued to offer medical assistance and we were able to give medical advice to about twenty people.

By the evening of 9th July, the transfer of evacuees to the eight newly opened evacuation centers was completed without issue. The AMDA team finished their activities for the day and reported to Soja City.

On 10th July, the AMDA team continued their activities at Sunwork Soja, one of the newly-opened evacuation centers in Soja City.

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