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AMDA Emergency Response #3 – West Japan Torrential Rain

Publication date:2018-07-10
In the morning of 8th July, the AMDA Team, in cooperation with  affiliated medical institutions  and pharmacists, set up a first-aid station in the Kibi Arena, in Soja City (Okayama Prefecture), which is being used as an evacuation center. On 8th July, the medical team consisted of four doctors, six nurses, one physiotherapist, fourteen pharmacists, nine coordinators and five student volunteers (these figures include one nurse and three coordinators from AMDA Headquarters).

Up until the day’s activities finished at 6pm on 8th July, the team provided medical care to 83 people. Of which, 38 were given prescription medicine and two people were sent off to hospital via ambulance.
  As of 7pm on 8th July, due to improved weather conditions and the rivers calming, the evacuation order in Soja City was called off. As a result, evacuation centers were generally closed from 8pm, but seven evacuation centers, including the Kibi Arena, remained open for those who could not return to their homes.

The next day (9th July), two additional affiliated nurses joined the team at the first-aid station and have been providing health advice.

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