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AMDA Emergency Response #2 – West Japan Torrential Rain

Publication date:2018-07-09
A medical response team was sent to Soja City in Okayama Prefecture (not far from AMDA HQ) on 7th July in response to torrential downpours in West Japan. After visiting the Soja City Emergency Response Headquarters to gather information, the team went to the Kibi arena, one of the evacuation centers in Soja City.

There were 200 evacuees at the Kibi arena and the AMDA team treated 20 people there, treating wounds and prescribing medicine when necessary. One lady in her 80s said “I can’t go home. I feel okay right now, but I don’t know how long I’ll have to stay here…” A man in his 90s told us “I injured my leg when the factory in Soja exploded. It’s swollen but there’s no pain. It was really tough last night but I feel okay now.”

At around 5pm (7th July), the AMDA medical team finished their activities at the Kibi Arena and arrived
 at Showa Elementary School in Soja City which is also being used as an evacuation shelter. Together with the help of a doctor, nurses and a pharmacist, 11 people were treated there. As well as those who were of poor physical health, the team also checked up on those who were in shock from the disaster. In addition, they taught evacuees exercises that can prevent deep-vein thrombosis.

After the team’s activities finished for the day at around 8:30pm, they attended a meeting at the Soja City Emergency Response Headquarters to report their activities.

The next day (8th July), in cooperation with other medical partners, a first-aid station was set up inside the Kibi Arena, in Soja City, which is also being used as an evacuation center. As of roughly 11am (8th July), there were a total of 15 evacuation centers in Soja City accommodating a total of 2569 evacuees.

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