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AMDA Damak Hospital Medical Superintendent “gives thanks and gives back”

Publication date:2018-06-06

AMDA Damak Hospital Medical Superintendent Dr. Nabin

Ms. Babita Kumari, a staff member of AMDA Peace Clinic in Bodhgaya, India, recently traveled to Nepal to undergo maternal and child healthcare training at AMDA Damak Hospital, one of the three hospitals run by AMDA Nepal. We interviewed the hospital director Dr. Nabin to learn how the program went and how it all happened.


“Maternal and infant healthcare has been one of our foci at AMDA Damak Hospital for the last 20 years. Not only is it well-reputed in Damak City, but many come from distant places to seek quality medical care at our hospital.

Although our doctors had received training at medical facilities operated by AMDA Indonesia and AMDA Bangladesh, it was our first experience to be the training providers ourselves. However, I immediately gave a favorable response to this inquiry as we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to give back all the good deeds with which we have been blessed, thanks to our fellow AMDA chapters. Knowing that Bodhgaya was relatively impoverished and that its medical infrastructure needed to be strengthened, I was more than happy to contribute to a good cause.

Ms. Babita was indeed a diligent woman who worked very hard to take advantage of this occasion. While we weren’t too worried about the language barriers (as many of us Nepali speak Hindi), our concern was much more to do with whether we could provide valuable experiences that served the purpose. As it turned out, this wasn’t a problem either. She was welcomed by our staff like a family member, and we truly hope she can make good use of what she gained after returning to India. We are always here for her if she ever wishes to come again.”  

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