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Ms. Babita Kumari from APC undergoes training in Nepal

Publication date:2018-06-01
From 15 to 19 April 2018, Ms. Babita Kumari, a staff member of AMDA Peace Clinic (APC) in Bodhgaya, India, went through a training program pertaining to maternal and infant care at AMDA Damak Hospital in Nepal. AMDA has been promoting technical exchange and training within 32 chapters around the globe. The following report was submitted by Ms. Kumari herself:

When Dr. Suganami visited APC in November 2017, I was asked if I wanted to receive training at AMDA Damak Hospital in the southeast of Nepal. With a capacity of 100 beds, more than 20babies are delivered daily. According to Dr. Suganami, he thought it would be beneficial for APC staff to undergo training in such an environment. I was a little worried at first if I could overcome a language barrier while working with people I had never worked with. But I thought I would be able to at least gain something, and hence decided to go to Nepal.

I must admit I was still a bit anxious until I crossed the country border after a 16-hour bus ride. However, the moment I got off the bus, I was relieved to find out that Dr. Nabin, the medical director of AMDA Damak Hospital, who came to pick me up, could speak Hindi. 
AMDA Damak Hospital was simply incomparable for its size and facilities. The hospital operates around the clock with functional consultation rooms, operation rooms, and an ER department. I was truly impressed because each one of the staff seemed to be working really responsibly to cater to each patient’s needs. Working at APC, which primarily provides maternal and infant care, I was motivated to learn and bring back all that I could attain at Damak Hospital.   Gynecologist Dr. Bimara was the one who took care of me for the following three days where I was privileged to observe how she deals with outpatients firsthand. She spent a good amount of time hearing what each patient had to say and gave accurate advice at every consultation. It made me realize that just giving a diagnosis and prescribing medicine would not be enough, and that being attentive to small things would lead to the best treatment.

Finally, I was able to learn the importance of patient care alongside clerical, technical and management-related procedures. I wish to make the most of this opportunity and share my experiences with my APC colleagues. APC is a small clinic, but the significance of patient care is equal to that of AMDA Damak Hospital. From now on, I will try to attend to every need of our expectant mothers and provide them with the best information available pertaining to maternal and infant care.
Written by Archana Joshi, AMDA Headquarters
    •  Nepal
    •  India
    •  2018
    •  AMDA Peace Clinic