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Health Education and Nutrition Program in Bihar, India

Publication date:2018-06-01

Perinatal Workshop

On 13 February 2018, 17 pregnant women attended a perinatal workshop at the AMDA Peace Clinic (APC) in Bodhgaya, India. The workshop is held once a week for mothers-to-be and mothers who are registered at the clinic. After every workshop, nutritional meals are prepared using affordable, locally-sourced ingredients for their dietary education. While allowing them to enjoy the food, they can learn the recipes to try them at home.

The theme for the workshop this time was breastfeeding. A medical staff at APC explained the importance of it and why it is good for babies, as well as how to breastfeed a child and what troubles might be expected. The staff used various teaching materials to break down the contents to which the women were keenly paying attention. The teaching aids were first prepared by a gynecologist from Leyte Medical Society in the Philippines, and were later modified to be used in India

APC staff explaining about breastfeeding

Participants listening to the lecture

When the workshop was over, the participants were treated to a local dish called “pokoli” (deep-fried vegetables). One woman said the recipes she has learned in the workshops so far have helped her a lot. “In the previous workshop, I discovered how tasty and nutritious Moringa (a local vegetable) was. Since then, I’ve been cooking Moringa soup using ones I grew in my garden.”

APC staff cooking Pokoli

Participants eating Pokoli

Tomoko Iwamoto, AMDA Headquarters

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