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AMDA Haiti Dental Mission 2018

Publication date:2018-02-16

On 03 February 2018, AMDA Haiti conducted its annual dental mission in Fond-des-Negres, Haiti for the people living in the vicinity. The patients came from nearby areas such as Aquin, Marseillan, Pemele, Saint Lous du Sud, Lacolline, Demustte, Didier, Lindor, and Riviere Sesche as well. Just as last year, it was held at Bethel Clinic run by the Salvation Army.
42 patients came to receive dental treatment and care, including oral examination, dental clean up, dental restoration, and tooth extraction. One of the staff, a dental student who took part in the mission also gave guidance on how to protect oneself from tooth decay, and taught the patients how to keep their teeth clean.
Before the treatment, AMDA Haiti President Dr. Mac Keven Frederic introduced and outlined the overall activities of AMDA and AMDA Haiti. Touching on activities in Haiti since 2010 such as cholera relief, sport exchange, and prosthetic project, he highlighted the emergency relief at the time of Hurricane Jeremie in December 2016.
After the dental mission was over, many patients wished the project would be continued. They also said it would be nice if it were held in regional areas as well. In fact, people’s knowledge pertaining to dental care is scarcely diffused in the countryside, and almost nothing has been done to improve this situation.


75 year-old Mrs. Christina Pierre from Mareseillan said it was the second time in her life to see the dentist. (She said 1997 was her first time ever to get a dental checkup.) Mr. Laurent Charles, a 29-year old man from Miragoane, and Ms. Marjorie Paul from Pemele said they learned the importance of maintaining their teeth. Including a lady who attended this service for the fourth time, all of the patients were satisfied with the treatment they were given. Dr. Mac reported he was pleased to receive such a positive response. He seemed to be really motivated about the mission next year.
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