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AMDA Emergency Relief Bulletin #2: Mt. Mayon Volcanic Eruption, Philippines

Publication date:2018-02-14

In response to the ongoing Mt. Mayon eruption in the Philippines, AMDA conducted emergency relief in Camalig, Albay Province located approximately 500km south of Manila. After arriving in the capital on 09 February, a coordinator from AMDA Headquarters joined a medical team from AMDA Philippines to move to Camalig, the city at the foot of the volcano. As they reached the locality on the 10th, they immediately launched medical relief at Cotmon National High School in which an evacuation center was set.
At this time, as many as 100 people took part in AMDA’s relief work including the personnel from AMDA Headquarters, AMDA Philippines, Asian Medical Student Association (AMSA), AMSA Alumni, Bicol University, as well as local volunteers. In total, 1,071 residents (266 households) benefited from its assistance.

While offering mobile clinic services, the joint medical team (comprising doctors, nurses, and pharmacists) taught the evacuees how to prevent oneself from various ailments in the midst of prolonged evacuation life. There were a lot of patients who were suffering from upper respiratory infections (which recorded the highest number) as well as digestive diseases. The team also provided food supplies, pails and soap to make up for the lack of clean water.

It seemed it was difficult for the evacuees to secure privacy as around 40 people had been housed in each classroom. In addition, despite the government assistance to set temporary toilets, they were poorly maintained. The residents were also concerned that ashes from the volcano would affect the crops since many of them rely on farming.

AMDA’s assistance was well received by the locals who were withstanding such a difficult time. The relief has come to an end, however, AMDA hopes to continue and support the locality as the residents are willing to reconstruct their daily lives.

According to National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC), the number of afflicted population is 88,490 (as of 10 February 2018) and currently 56,555 people (15,095 households) are staying at evacuation shelters in 53 locations.


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