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AMDA Emergency Relief Bulletin #2: Typhoon Urduja in the Philippines

Publication date:2017-12-26

Procuring and Preparing Relief Goods

Upon arrival in Manila, AMDA nurse discussed with our local partner and found that Biliran island located in the central part of the Philippines is the most affected island from the Typhoon. Thus, AMDA in collaboration with our local partners identified affected communities in Biliran to distribute our relief goods, then procured and repacked food items (instant noodles, coffee packs, fish and meat canned food, cookies with a water bottle) for approximately 700 households in Cebu on 22nd of December.



Relief Goods Distribution

In the next two days on 23 and 24th of December, AMDA jointly with Philippine Naval Reserve Command and local partners, distributed packages to the affected people in 8 districts of Naval city, Almeria city and Biliran city, Biliran where extensive damage was reported. On the way to the affected communities, AMDA team saw many landslides, which disturbed our way to one community close to top of the mountain. People needed to work on foot as the road was very rough.
Some lost their belongings and house due to the flood, and others are still taking out mud from their house and land. However, it is still far away from the recovery. Despite of these hardship, the affected people received our relief goods by saying “Merry Christmas! Thank you very much.”

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