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AMDA Emergency Relief Bulletin #5: Earthquake in Mexico

Publication date:2017-09-20
On 15 September, AMDA team successfully completed its relief work in Juchitan, Oaxaca, the hardest-hit location in Mexico’s southwest.

To support a local counterpart which had been providing food aid to evacuees, AMDA team donated milk, beans, bread, sugar, coffee, biscuits and oatmeal that were purchased locally. As for medical supplies, the team decided to leave them for a local doctor who worked with the team on the previous day.
After paying a visit to one of the contributors, an evacuee who supported AMDA at the beginning of the relief in Juchitan, she was glad to learn that all the information she had provided paved the way for the team. Thanks to her, AMDA was able to specify the activity locations. As a token of appreciation, the team donated disinfectant gel to the evacuation camp which referred her to AMDA. The team went back to Mexico City by plane via Huatulco that evening.

Before leaving Mexico on 16 September, AMDA staff paid a courtesy call to the Japanese embassy to report the relief activities. The embassy was instrumental in gathering information on the ground.

As a whole, the relief effort focused on mobile clinic which helped build the relationship with local counterparts. The team has already completed the mission, however, AMDA will keep an eye on the local situations considering the follow-up assistance that could arise.
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