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AMDA Emergency Relief Bulletin #2: Earthquake in Mexico

Publication date:2017-09-14

On 11 September, one doctor and one nurse/coordinator from AMDA Headquarters in Okayama, Japan, arrived in Mexico City to discuss possible relief measures with local collaborators. Upon arrival, they had a meeting with a coordinator as well as the staff from Tenrikyo’s Branch Office in Mexico.

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According to a local report, Juchitan in the state of Oaxaca suffered the heaviest damage while strong sway was also felt in Mexico City at the time the quake struck.  Though, there was no major damage in Mexico City as it is located 1000 km from the epicenter.
The Mexican government announced that the death toll as of 12 September is 98 with which 78 of them died in Oaxaca. While many buildings were destroyed, the number of designated evacuation shelters seems to be scarce. Evacuees are forced to stay in makeshift tents set up on the road in the climate where the outside temperature rises above 30 degrees Celsius with 70% humidity. Amidst the lack of food and medical supplies, locals are being anxious of the aftershocks. Prices have gone up and even in the nearby regions, daily necessities have gotten to be difficult to obtain. Landslides could occur as the area is now in the rainy season.

It is also reported that two of the major three hospitals in Juchitan have been severely damaged so that there are certain medical needs to be fulfilled in the region.

After procuring relief goods and medical supplies, AMDA team reached Huatulco in Oaxaca (200 km from Juchitan) on 12 September. They will further move down to Juchitan accordingly.

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