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Kyushu Heavy Rain Disaster (Japan) - 2-3

Publication date:2017-07-12
AMDA’s joint relief team with Soja City Government (AMDA’s longtime collaborator) withdrew from Asakura City (Fukuoka) after completing the mission on 09 July 2017.  Asakura was heavily devastated by floods and landslides due to the torrential rain which struck Fukuoka and Oita Prefectures in the Kyushu region, Japan’s southwest.

The team brought in aid goods such as electric fans and cardboard beds to the evacuation shelters in Haki district where evacuees from stranded communities have sought refuge after getting rescued by a helicopter.

A field assessment conducted by AMDA team revealed that there was no immediate need for extra medical assistance as local medical facilities were functioning well in the city. The citizens could rely on local hospitals for medical consultations and treatment.
On the one hand, it is likely that the evacuation life will be prolonged considering the number of destroyed houses. The installation of cardboard beds was accepted based on AMDA’s experience in last year’s Kumamoto earthquake in which still a number of people have been living in a temporary housing unit even a year after the disaster.
An evacuee in her eighties said her house was washed away but it simply could not be helped. “I just feel lonely because my two sons have been living outside the prefecture. The eldest son may want to take me home to live with his family. But to be honest, I want to remain in my neighborhood if the local government is going to set up makeshift houses for us.” Another man in his seventies said he spent a night standing inside his house because the floor was underwater.

Even after the withdrawal, AMDA will keep an eye on the local situation as rain is expected to continue in the coming days.

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