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AMDA-TaiwanIHA Joint-Medical-Mission for Free Cleft Lip & Palate Operation in Indonesia

Publication date:2017-05-17
Once again, for the third year in a row, AMDA International teamed up with it`s long time trusting partner TaiwanIHA (Taiwan International Health Action), to conduct Cleft Palate and reconstructive surgery free of charge in the Bantaeng region of Sothern Sulawesi. Similar to last year, Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation (NCF) and Chang Gung Memorial Hospital (CGMH), both from Taiwan, also played a major role in supporting the mission in Bantaeng. The 3 days long mission was made possible with the local municipality`s support and due to the extensive local network that AMDA-Indonesia has in the region.
A team of 11 members from Taiwan and one coordinator from AMDA HQ, Japan arrived in Makassar international airport and then took a 3 hour bus ride to reach the newly built Bantaeng General Hospital. Team from Taiwan included 3-Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, 2-Anesthesiologist and 4-operation theater nurses from the CGMH and one representative from TaiwanIHA and NCF each. The team from Taiwan worked with 5 talented local Oral-Muscular-Facial surgeons and 4 anesthesiologists from the Celebes Cleft Centre (CCC) of Makassar supported by 10 local operation theater nurses.
AMDA and TaiwanIHA have been collaborating on various dental, cataract and cleft palate projects in many different countries such as Sri Lanka, India, Turkey and Indonesia. AMDA Indonesia, selected Bantaeng for this year`s mission in the southern part of Sulawesi.
The team conducted a screening of all patients in the morning of 8th May and divided the patients into two different days accordingly.  Diagnoses were varied from Labioschisis, Palatoschisis and complicated surgeries of Palatoplasty, Pharingeal flap, lip and nose repair. Surgeries were conducted on the 8th and 9th of May around the clock till very late at night. On the 3rd day, the Mayor of Bantaeng invited the team for breakfast and a sightseeing in Bantaeng.
In total 23 patients went through the life-changing operations and 13 of them were on the first day and the rest of 10 were operated on the second day. There were 20 Children, as young as 1 year old & 3 adults; and 6 males and 17 females. The newly opened Bantaeng hospital had modern operating facilities and our team occupied two operating rooms each with two beds.

The director of Bantaeng Hospital and the Hon. Mayor of Bantaeng city appreciated AMDA, TaiwanIHA, CGMH and NCF teams of doctors for their services. The Mayor appreciated this meaningful and much needed mission for his people and treated the visitors with an appreciation dinner with cultural events. Each member received an appreciation certificate from the president of AMDA Indonesi a at the end of the ceremony. During this event, also attended by the parents of operated children, one father presented a thank you speech. On behalf of all the parents he expressed his gratitude to such life changing operation for their children.
In the mean time we had the chance to see some of the photos from our previous year operations. According to the nurses who visited them recently, the operation has made a huge change in their life especially in terms of self-confidence and personal happiness.
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