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AMDA Emergency Bulletin #6-7: Peru Flood Disaster

Publication date:2017-04-11
AMDA Emergency Bulletin #6-7: Peru Flood Disaster

AMDA in collaboration with local counterpart in Peru, Socios en Salud (Partner in Health) has been supporting the flood affected people in Lima and its suburbs.

06 April, 2017

On April 6th, with our local partner Socios En Salud, AMDA team visited Huarabi area of Santa Rose de Quives District located approximately 20km away from the central Lima and conducted medical relief activity. The joint team could serve 23 patients on that day.

River Rio Chillon flows close to Huarabi area and its water level is back to normal. The road was blocked by landslide at the time of the flood, but now it is operational.
Tomorrow, the joint team will move to Piura Region in northwestern part of Peru and will continue the relief activities there.

07 April, 2017

After three-day-activities in Lima, on the evening of April 7th, AMDA doctor and coordinator along with a coordinator from AMDA Peru arrived in Piura Region which was seriously affected by the flood. Piura Region received continuous rain since end of January 2017 and Piura River finally flooded on March 27th. Even though the water level of Piura River went down in around Cura Mori area, one case of drowning was reported in the neighbouring town of Anx Sanpedro where water level was still chest high in the beginning of April. Many people from flooded neighboring towns have been evacuated to Cura Mori area.

With our local partner Socios En Salud, AMDA brought 13 boxes of medications including vitamins, antibiotics, antifebrile, antihypertensive, antacids etc from Lima. On the next day, the joint team of Socios En Salud and AMDA, in collaboration with Ministry of Health and a local NGO conducted a medical mission in Cura Mori of Piura Region. AMDA doctor gave consultation to 31 patients and their major complaints were muscle ache, headache, joint pain and PTSD.

One patient said, "It was hard to live in flooded environment. I am very happy to have an opportunity to receive such medical care from you."  Tomorrow on April 9th, joint team will go to Batanes.

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