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AMDA Emergency Bulletin #4-5: Peru Flood Disaster

Publication date:2017-04-07

AMDA Emergency Relief Bulletin #4-5: Peru Flood Disaster
In response to the floods and mudslides that have struck Peru since last month, AMDA has carried out emergency relief with its Peruvian counterpart, Socios en Salud (Partners in Health) in the suburbs of Lima, the capital.

04 April 2017

On 04 April 2017, AMDA personnel (one coordinator and one doctor) teamed up with the staff from Socios en Salud (Partners in Health) to start relief activities in Carabayllo, Lima, where Socios en Salud has its office. The organization is AMDA’s local counterpart who had worked in the 2007 coastal earthquake in Peru.
Carrying medical supplies, the team (including one nurse from Socios en Salud) went to Leticia, a town adjacent to Carabayllo. Until 10 days ago, Rio Chillon, a river flowing near the town, had flooded. Though the water level got back to normal, some of the roads were blocked due to mudslides which hindered the local people to return to their homes.
The team saw 28 patients who complained of muscles ache, joint pain, headache and other symptoms. The team was welcomed by the local residents as there are no medical facilities in the area, coupled with the road blockage that prevented them from seeking medical help outside the region.

 05 April 2017

The team visited Cajamarquilla, a town located 20km east of Lima, to provide mobile clinic services. The local assessment revealed that 18 houses were washed away as Huaycoloro (a local river) flooded. However, no life was lost thanks to the early evacuation by the residents. As for those whose houses were swept away, they have been seeking refuge in evacuation shelters or living in makeshift tents. At this stage already, some have started rebuilding their own house.
Upon arriving in Cajamarquilla, the team established an activity base to provide triage and medical treatment in a tent. A temporary pharmacy was set within as well.
This day alone, the team (now with three doctors) saw 153 patients as a whole whose symptoms include external injuries, muscle ache, joint pain, common cold and breathing difficulty.


According to Centro de Operaciones de Emergencia Nacional [COEN], as of 04 April, the death toll reached 106 while 156, 420 people have been directly affected by the disaster. The total number of afflicted population has been 961,113.

Stay tuned for more updates.


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