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AMDA Emergency Bulletin #1: Peru Flood Disaster

Publication date:2017-03-22

On 21 March 2017, AMDA Peru consulted AMDA Headquarters in Japan on sending relief personnel for the recent flood and mudslide disaster in Peru. In Peru, heavy downpours have been continuing intermittently because of the El Nino effect caused by the rise in the sea surface temperature since last month.

According to Centro de Operaciones de Emergencia Nacional (COEN), a torrential rain has caused floods and mudslides around the country for the past few weeks which left 75 people dead and 20 people missing. While 99,475 people have been directly affected by the disaster, 626,298 people have faced some level of inconvenience in their daily life (as of 20 March 2017.) The number of collapsed building has topped 10,500 and 12,123 people have been displaced. The transportation network has been paralyzed and a number of schools and health facilities have been dysfunctional.

Lima, the capital, has had the biggest flood disaster in history in which the river water flowed into the city and killed three people while leaving one person missing and 24 people injured. As a whole, 4,972 people have been afflicted by the calamity.

Piura, located in the northwest, has had the worst extent of flooding which resulted in six deaths, leaving 10 people injured and 18,996 directly affected. The overall number of people who have been troubled by the flood has reached 225,492 in the region.

In Peru, AMDA has played an active role in the health sector while sending medical teams for natural disaster relief including the earthquake that struck the Peruvian coast in 2007.

AMDA is currently trying to determine the right timing for the dispatch of personnel.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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