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AMDA International Conference for Asia Chapters 2016

Publication date:2017-01-24
AMDA International Conference for Asia Chapters, attended by AMDA chairpersons and partners from Asia region, was convened in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for two days during 1-2 December 2016. In total, 29 delegates from 12 different countries were present at the meeting.

The primary focus of the conference was `Mission of Sogo-Fujo` which is an expanded version of AMDA’s global networking for the future. With each program embodying the philosophy of Open Sogo-Fujo, an in-depth talk was held on topics such as Global Partnership for Sustainable Peace (GPSP), Nankai Trough Great Earthquake and Tsunami, Asia Network for Disasters and Triple-A (AMDA, AMSA and AMSA Alumni) Partnership Program, all of which are central to AMDA’s future activities.

The conference kicked off with AMDA President Dr. Shigeru Suganami’s welcome speech. After introducing GPSP delegates from the Philippines and AMDA Singapore which became AMDA’s newest chapter in 2016, Dr. Suganami called all participants to join him for the next two days in discussing how to spread the philosophy of Sogo-Fujo through projects and programs.

With over 170 projects having been held around the world in collaboration with AMDA Chapters and other organizations, Dr. Suganami suggested that collaborations with more organizations would enable AMDA to reach out to more people in need around the world. The two-day conference set another benchmark by introducing the following four programs to determine AMDA’s future philanthropic paths. After a productive discussion, the conference successfully ended with the adoption of the `Declaration of Mission of Sogo-Fujo`. A copy of the declaration was distributed and signed by all chapter chairpersons and GPSP delegates from the Philippines in attendance.

Global Partnership for Sustainable Peace (GPSP)

GPSP is to establish sustainable peace community through projects and programs under the three key concepts, namely, Open Sogo-Fujo, Partnership, and Local Initiative. GPSP program helps participating organizations to implement their programs/ projects with these three key concepts, by matching funds from the donors.

Nankai Trough Great Earthquake and Tsunami

The conference also provided a timely opportunity in reporting AMDA’s progress on its preparation toward much anticipated Nankai Trough Earthquake and Tsunami - an earthquake of unprecedented scale which is expected to hit the areas on the Pacific Coast of Japan within the next few years. In the presentation, Dr.Suganami emphasized that AMDA Japan has been forging closer ties with local municipalities and medical institutions, foreseeing the onslaught of the imminent quake.

Asia Network for Disasters

Asia Network for Disasters is another framework that plays a key role in responding to disaster situations. Highlighting the strength of each player, Dr. Suganami mentioned that collaboration among Governments, NGOs and Medical Associations is essential for a smooth emergency relief operation.

Triple-A Partnership Program (TAPP)

Triple-A (AMDA, AMSA, AMSA Alumni Club)Partnership Program (TAPP) is a unique program to share AMDA’s over three decades of humanitarian experience with coming generations. By involving AMDA, AMSA (Asian Medical Students’ Association) and AMSA Alumni Club, TAPP helps to provide future doctors with opportunities to gain humanitarian experience outside of their schools and countries.

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