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AMDA Emergency Relief for Hurricane Matthew (Haiti)-07

Publication date:2016-10-25

On October 18th, AMDA Haiti and AMDA Japan team participated in WHO Health Cluster meeting and presented AMDA team’s medical activities at Sentre Sante de Moron hospital.

After the meeting, the joint team moved to Moron and continued medical activities. AMDA nurse provided education and information session on how to control Cholera infection to hospital staff and patients’ families. AMDA doctors with local hospital staff has been providing medical care to Cholera patients as well as patients with other complaints. One male patient came in with an external injury on dorsum of his right foot and medically cared by AMDA doctor from Japan. On the 18th, 29 patients were hospitalized and 27 of them were diagnosed with Cholera. The team saw the gradual increase of cholera patients compared to yesterday. 


Even more cholera patients were hospitalized at Sentre Sante de Moron hospital on 19th of October. 48 out of 50 were Cholera patients. The hospital no longer had proper space to separate cholera and non-cholera patients, and some of them were sleeping in a hallway. Soon after AMDA team arrived at the hospital, the hospital management and AMDA team reported the urgency in local situation and requested medications, medical kits and medical staff (all were in severe shortage at the hospital) but the hospital has not received any of the requested items yet. Besides medical activities, AMDA team also donated dry food items to the hospital to be distributed to patients, and malnourished people are more prone to Cholera. Moron is one of the most depressed areas in Haiti, and many tend to be malnourished even before hurricane, which lowers their immune system. 

AMDA joint team will continue to work with local hospital staff and support the affected people.

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