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AMDA Emergency Relief for Hurricane Matthew (Haiti)-06

Publication date:2016-10-19

At the meeting with the coordinator for Cholera preventive measures from the Ministry of Health, Haiti, on October 17th, AMDA team was referred to Sentre Sante de Moron hospital in Moron, one hour and half away from Jeremie City, for medical activity.

In this hospital, 19 patients were hospitalized and most of them are Cholera patients. Two new Cholera patients were admitted to the hospital. However, there were neither medications nor personal protective gears were available at the hospital. Thus, hospital staff and AMDA team used medications and goods they purchased in Port Au Prince a few days ago.

Under the guidance of AMDA doctor, hospital space was divided in two from the entrance; one for cholera patients and the other for non-cholera patients. Also, AMDA team educated hospital staff and volunteers how to prevent themselves from getting cholera by wearing personal protective gears such as pair of glove and gowns besides the importance of disinfecting hospital space with chlorine bleach.


Tomorrow, AMDA joint team will educate the family members of Cholera patients, who take care of and have close contact with the patients. Also, AMDA doctor will report the situation directly to the coordinator for Cholera preventive measures from the Ministry of Health and will request medications and personal protective gear which are not available at Sentre Sante de Moron hospital.

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