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AMDA Emergency Relief for Hurricane Matthew (Haiti)-05

Publication date:2016-10-18

In response to the local assessment and on local request, AMDA decided to dispatch a second medical team of three, composed of a medical doctor, a nurse and a coordinator from Japan. AMDA`s 2nd team left Japan on 14th October and one member arrived in Haiti on 15th of October and another two members arrived on the morning of  October 16th.

AMDA joint team is planning to do medical activities at St. Antoine de Jeremie Hospital where the isolation room was established for Cholera patients, in addition to mobile clinic depending on local needs. AMDA Haiti and an AMDA coordinator visited WHO office in Port au Prince to confirm the list of medical supplies that are sent to St.Antoine de Jeremie Hospital for Cholera prevention and care . Upon AMDA doctor’s arrival on 15th, AMDA team purchased additional medical supplies needed such as disposable caps, shoe covers, gowns and gloves.

On October 16th, AMDA joint team departed to Jeremie for the activity and had a meeting with the coordinator for Cholera preventive measure from the Ministry of Health, Haiti and the director of St.Antoine de Jeremie Hospital. On October 17th, under the guidance of WHO, the coordinator from the Ministry of Health, the director of St.Antonie de Jeremie Hospital, AMDA and other NGOs will have a coordination meeting and decided on the roles for each group.

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