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AMDA Emergency Relief for Hurricane Matthew (Haiti)-04

Publication date:2016-10-17

After the joint team of AMDA Haiti, NPO TMAT and AMDA conducted relief activities in the affected area in Jeremie, they came back to Port au Prince and AMDA received the local report today.

On October 11th, the joint team visited St.Antoine de Jeremie Hospital, the largest hospital in the city during their situation assessment. Besides chronic shortage of doctors, some doctors have been not reachable after the hurricane. Patients with serious conditions such as infected wounds and trauma are referred to hospitals in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, as those medical procedures require anesthesia. Tetanus Toxoid were not available there for patients.
WHO reported that there is an increased number of cholera cases seen in this area gradually. An isolation room was established in the hospital for Cholera patients after the hurricane and was kept clean. A local nurse and medical students were taking care of 30 patients without any doctors. After the team’s visit to the hospital, director of the hospital made an inquiry to AMDA Haiti the possibility of sending a doctor to the hospital. In response to this request, AMDA decided to dispatch the second medical team to Haiti.
In addition to the situation assessment, the joint team distributed 300 water bottles, 50 bags of infant diapers, feminine sanitary goods, Milk, Cereal, Pasta, to people at an evacuation center in La Pointe district of Jeremie city.
The joint team completed their activities on 10th and arrived at Port-au-Prince, and the next day NPO TMAT team left to Japan. AMDA will continue our relief activity.


1. WHO Situation Report No.10 and No.11
(As of October 10th, 2016)
-An increase in cholera cases by 50% in 24hours between October 8th and 9th
-In Randel(Sud Department), there are 26 cases of cholera, and in Jeremie(Grand’ Anse) there are 30 cases.
-An Increase of cholera cases in Grand’ Anse(148 cases), Sud(53 cases), and Nord Ouest (6 cases)
-Outside of the affected areas, there are 28 cases reported in Artibonite

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