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AMDA Emergency Relief for Hurricane Matthew (Haiti)-03

Publication date:2016-10-12
After AMDA and TMAT (a Japanese NGO) collaborative team from Japan arrived in Haiti on October 9th, the team met and had a meeting with AMDA Haiti to share local information and to talk about their plan on emergency relief. According to AMDA coordinator, he does not see much damage or any disturbance from the hurricane in the central part of Port-au-Prince. Thus, AMDA Haiti and the team could purchase medications (NSAIDS, Antibiotics, Ointment, gloves and others) without any problem.


On October 10th, the joint team departed to Jeremie, the capital city of Department of Grand'Anse, in Tiburon Peninsula and conducted mobile clinic on the way there in addition to the situation assessment.
In Fonds des Negres, the joint team stopped at the Salvation Army Bethel Clinic Hospital where AMDA has worked for Cholera outbreak in October 2010. According to the hospital staff, there was no damage around this area and the hospital has been running normally.
The joint team also visited two shelters in the mountain areas, where no hospitals or doctors were available nearby, of Plaine Matin and Zuchity in the west side of Tiburon Peninsula. Approximately 40 to 50 people evacuated to those shelters respectively during the day time and increased number of people stay there at night for sleep. No cholera outbreak was seen at the shelters although some said one child died of cholera on last Wednesday. A doctor from TMAT saw a total of 14 patients; 9 patients including infants with external minor injuries and 5 patients with medical complaints such as palpitation. For a patient with serious infected wound, the doctor did a simple medical procedure and prescribed antibiotics. As the treatment required local anesthesia, he recommended the patient to go to the local hospital. Patients who received medical treatment from the joint team stated, “We are very happy and appreciative of this opportunity as we do not have much opportunity to see doctors.”

In Jeremie, supermarkets and some restaurants are open, but internet connection is unstable. As the joint team arrived in Jeremie at night, they will assess the situation further the next day on October 11th, especially the affected and possibly isolated areas in the west side of Jeremie due to a road closure. Along with the assessment, the joint team will purchase relief goods and distribute them according to the local needs.
For this emergency relief, AMDA is working with a doctor and nurse from NPO TMAT from Japan.

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