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AMDA Emergency Relief for Hurricane Matthew (Haiti)-01

Publication date:2016-10-07

In response to the massive Hurricane Matthew that struck the Caribbean region, AMDA has decided to send one emergency relief coordinator to Haiti. The storm reached the country at 7:00 AM local time on October 4th, 2016, killing at least 122 people, a news source said (as of October 7th.)

In Haiti and its neighboring Dominican Republic, floods and landslides have been reported along with the destruction of houses and buildings; there has been a number of casualties in both countries. The hurricane is expected to take its course to the north and is estimated to reach the Southeastern U.S. In the states such as Florida and South Carolina, some of the residents have already started fleeing their homes.

In the past, AMDA has conducted extensive emergency relief for the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti in January 2010. It was said to be one of the worst disasters that left more than 220,000 deaths and 1/3 of the population displaced. AMDA deployed AMDA Multi National Medical Mission comprising medical personnel from eight countries (17 doctors, 8 nurses, 9 coordinators and 2 prosthetist) which provided medical assistance and relief supplies. In the later phase, AMDA also focused on providing prosthetic limbs for those who lost their arms and legs as well as medical services for the cholera epidemic.

AMDA Headquarters is currently in contact with AMDA Haiti, its local chapter, to assess the extent of damage and the arising local needs to deliver timely and effective assistance. The said AMDA coordinator is schedule to arrive in Port-au-Prince, the capital, in the morning of October 9th.



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