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Kumamoto earthquake: Nepali dumplings in the summer festival

Publication date:2016-08-17
 Kumomoto was stuck by two devastating earthquake within a week, 6.5 magnitude on 14th and 7.3 magnitude on April 16th 2016 and followed by many aftershock for months.
The disaster killed 49 people and thousands of people lost their houses and more than 180,000 people were affected by the earthquake.
AMDA staff and director of GPSP support Bureau, Ms. Tae Namba was born and brought up in Mashiki-machi, Kumomoto which was the epicenter of this earthquake.
The massive earthquake had severely damage the town.
Though Ms Namba and her family are the victims of the earthquake, her experience and skillful coordination with the local government had made it possible to start the emergency relief activity at Hiroyasu Elementary School Evacuation Center. 


After two weeks, the patients who need emergency medical treatment declined whereas mentally ill people have been increasing as evacuation life gets extended.
At the same time, a number of bedsore cases and deep vein thrombosis have been seen among the evacuees.
According to the need, A MDA's medical assistance started the second phase of medical treatment providing acupuncturist, physiotherapist and care-giver and their treatments have helped those who were suffering from edema, body-aches and mentally ill cause by prolonged shelter life.
Even after a two and half months since the massive earthquake hit kumamoto, more than 10,000 people whose houses were completely destroyed or severely damaged are forced to live in evacuation center.
Still 138 evacuees were living in the school gym Hall of Hiroyasu Elementary School and AMDA provided its service to the evacuees continuously.

On 25th April, 2015, Central Nepal was greatly affected by the massive earthquake and more than 9000 people died, people who lost their houses still forced to live in tent.
AMDA and people from japan support the people of Nepal who suffered from big earthquake.
Nevertheless AMDA Nepal, Nepal medical association, Okayama Nepal society and people from Nepal sent heartily message and donation based on AMDA’s Sogo-Fujo spirit.

On 3rd July 2016, Hiroyasu elementary school alumni organized the summer festival to cheer up the local people affected by earthquake.
In the festival, AMDA staff and volunteers prepared the Nepali dumplings with the help of Nepalese people which is known as “momo” in Nepalese language.
It was the humble feelings from Nepalese people to support the people saddened by the disaster. 

Message from AMDA Nepal “We extend our support to relief activities in Kumamoto.
We really appreciate your support during relief activities for earthquake in Nepal last year”, our principle is “Sogo-Fujo”. 
Message from Nepal medical association like “Everyone at the Nepal Medical Association has been deeply shocked and saddened by the news of devastating impact of the earthquake in Japan, which has resulted in such a significant loss of life and property across the country.
We are sending our best wishes and sincerely hopes that the situation starts to improve soon.
We pray for your country’s speedy recovery from the effects of this disaster” were displayed. Similarly Okayama Nepal society and people from Nepal also send their message to people of Kumamoto which were also displayed nearby.
Dumplings were made for 300 peoples, both the organizer and people participate were happy to enjoy Nepalese spicy and delicious dumpling.
It was new taste for the evacuees and people in the event, and were thankful for the yummy and good food.
At the same time the people from Kumamoto were very happy to hear good wishes from the country Nepal which is very far from their place.

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