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AMDA's Second Mission for Sri Lankan Flood Disaster

Publication date:2016-06-24
In mid May, most part of Sri Lanka went through severe flooding and landslides. Several days of incessant rain caused extensive flood in many parts including Colombo. More than 100 people died and more than 250,000 people were affected around the country.

As the second stage of relief activities, AMDA International joined AMDA Sri Lanka and Ministry of Health to conducted a free medical and relief mission in the Kolonnawa village. Kolonnawa is a low-lying area in the outskirts of Colombo inhabited by all three ethnic groups of Sri Lanka Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim. The area was inundated during the flood in May. People experienced property damage and loss along with severe living conditions during the flood and according to the head priest from the local Buddhist temple the area hardly received any help from outside. This much-needed mission was made possible with the generous and timely support from Rissho Kosei-kai`s “Donate-a-Meal Fund for Peace” movement.

The free medical consultation took place on the 20 June 2016. The mission consisted of President and Secretary General of AMDA International, president of AMDA Sri Lanka and its members, three Local Public Health Inspectors (PHI), four doctors and two pharmacists/nurses from the Kolonnawa Medical Officer of Health. Volunteers from the local Buddhist temple, where the clinic was held, were also there to assist the mission.
In total there were 320 people who came for medical consultation and most of them were women and children. There were 218 females, 102 males. In total 58 of the total patiens were children. The complaints and diagnosis included cough and cold, skin rashes, Ashthma, worm infestation, urinary tract infection, hypertention, joint pains, fever, vomiting, back pain and Upper Respiratory Tract Infection and wounds. There were also a few cases of diarrhea and gastro intestinal infection among kids.

Though it has been over a month, we could still see un-cleared debris and areas with stagnant water from the flood around the village. Considering the local situation with mosquitos and Dengue fever plus advice from local PHI, AMDA International decided to give mosquito nets to local families. President of AMDA International handed over about 70 mosquito nets in Kolonnawa village and another 100 to the affected are in Wellampitiya.
Furthermore, 20 first aid boxes furnished with emergency medical supplies were handed over to local schools, medical offices and community women leaders. The local PHI provided the necessary First Aid training and knowledge in advance to the schools and local community women leaders so that they will be able to provide necessary treatment when needed in the community.
All three distribution of goods were also funded by the donation from Rissho Kosei-Kai, Japan.The head priest of the Buddhist temple personally thanked and appreciated the effort of AMDA Sri Lanka and AMDA International. President of AMDA International also met with the head priest and thanked the temple administration and local government officers on behalf of AMDA and Rissho Kosei-kai for giving us the opportunity to help the people in need.
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