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AMDA Emergency Relief for Kumamoto Earthquake 18

Publication date:2016-05-13


While it has been almost one month since the evacuation life has started in Mashiki-machi’s Hiroyasu Elementary School (AMDA’s activity base), some of those who were relocated to the school gym from the classrooms (due to the school’s resuming) say they are still anxious of what the future holds for themselves. Meanwhile, the nurses at the makeshift aid post have been doing rounds in their spare time; trying to maintain the health conditions of the evacuees; monitoring blood pressure/sugar levels and so forth.


Recently, one patient who complained of chest pain was referred to a nearby full-fledged hospital after being examined by a doctor from the Japanese Red Cross team. As with the case, AMDA has been working closely with fellow aid organizations to take care of the evacuees.

Since AMDA was asked to be to in charge of those who are evacuated at the gym, on May 10th, AMDA held a health workshop which was attended by more than 50 people. The workshop promoted various precautions for a common cold such as hand-wash and gargling, as well as light exercise to relieve ECS (deep-vein thrombosis.) It also encouraged the participants to enjoy casual conversations or singing with others by means of venting their stress.


On May 11th, after working at the shelter for 23 days, one of AMDA coordinators who had been on the ground team from April 17 finally withdrew from the site. The coordinator, who worked hard to improve the shelter’s living condition by furnishing cardboard beds and toilets, said, “Nothing was more rewarding than hearing the words of gratitude.”


It has also been a great help for AMDA to gain support from medical institutions around the country: Houetsukai Hospital in Tokushima and Kato Medical Clinic in Okayama both sent their staff to join AMDA’s relief effort.


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