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AMDA Emergency Relief for Kumamoto Earthquake 12

Publication date:2016-04-29

As of April 27th, there are two doctors and five nurses working at AMDA’s activity base, a local elementary school (Hiroyasu Elementary School) in Mashiki-machi, Kumamoto, the hardest-hit disaster site.
The number of patients has decreased to 35 which was the first time to reach the 30s since the relief has started. While acute respiratory infections have shown a drastic decline (eight), stress-related symptoms have gotten to be the most prevalent. The patients with headaches, insomnia and body aches are expected to increase in coming days due to prolonged evacuation life.



As for preventive measures for the outbreaks of infectious diseases, cleaning manuals are put on the toilet walls. To main sanitary conditions, volunteers are tasked to thoroughly clean the toilets three times a day. Carers are also in place to look after the elderly evacuees, especially paying extra attention to those who have dementia (as they tend to trip over things.)

On April 27th, in cooperation with Okayama’s Soja City Government, AMDA opened a temporary healthcare room beside the tent village set up in Mashiki-machi Athletic Complex Park. The healthcare room is open from 10am to 5pm daily.


On April 26th, Consul General and Director of General Affairs of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Fukuoka paid an official visit to Hiroyasu Elementary School. Consul General expressed his heartfelt sympathy to the Principal of the school, Mr. Tanaka, and later met with the chief of Kumamoto’s medical association. Consul General was joined by the members of a Taiwanese medical NGO, Taiwan Root Medical Peace Corps (TRMPC), and heard the briefing on AMDA's activities. Upon visiting the evacuation shelter, TRMPC suggested that AMDA should implement programs such as counseling, regular workout, and music concerts for the evacuees. The delegates from Taiwan are scheduled to join a press conference in Okayama before making their way home.


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