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AMDA Emergency Relief for Kumamoto Earthquake 11

Publication date:2016-04-27
Some of the local shops, clinics and pharmacies around AMDA’s activity base (Hiroyasu Elementary School) in Mashiki-machi have resumed business as usual. On April 25th, the total number of patients at AMDA’s temporary clinic was 41: acute respiratory infections counted the most (15), followed by stress-related symptoms (10).
Currently, acupuncture treatments have been offered to help ease the body aches which a lot of evacuees have complained. The symptoms mostly stem from prolonged evacuation life where evacuees have not been able to take a bath or sleep in bed for many days. The fatigue from physical labor (removing debris) is said to be causing the pain as well.

On April 26th, the acupuncture therapy was given in a space partitioned with curtains. With enough time being spent on each patient in a private atmosphere, the patients felt rather relieved after the treatment. For 10 out of 14 patients, it was their first time to experience acupuncture. Beside body aches, quite a few people have complained of digestive problems such as constipation and less appetite.
As they tend to get less active during the evacuation life, eight physiotherapists and carers have started to fully support the elderly people in keeping their body and mind alive and well. On April 26th, AMDA’s physiotherapists gave rehabilitation to eight people and further aims to keep them physically and mentally stay fit.
As of April 26th, AMDA has so far dispatched 30 relief personnel: six doctors, 11 nurses, two pharmacists, eight coordinators and three acupuncturists.
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