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AMDA Emergency Relief for Ecuador Earthquake 3

Publication date:2016-04-26
On April 23rd, AMDA’s disaster relief coordinator, Nithian Veeravagu, arrived in Quito, Ecuador, and joined with the medical team from Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ) in tackling the catastrophic earthquake that occurred on April 21st. AMDA has decided to work with USFQ who is already in the disaster area.
As of now, the joint relief effort has already been underway since the team left for Pedernales in Manabi Province located in the coastal region in northwest on April 24th.
Pedernales is one of the worst hit area by the earthquake and it also consists many small communities spreading along the mountains, and such geographical conditions have made it difficult for relief assistance to reach the region. Amidst the shortages in both relief supplies in medical support, USFQ has started providing medical services based in the locality. The needs for doctors, nurses and counsellors have been high while tents are urgently needed due to the arrival of the rainy season.
The AMDA-USFQ joint relief team comprises 17 members: four doctors, two counsellors, eight medical students and two cooks from USFQ gastronomy department, as well as the aforementioned AMDA coordinator who was able to assess the situation and condition in person and in detail.
The team will continue working at the site, making utmost efforts in fulfilling the needs arising on the spot.
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