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AMDA Emergency Relief for Kumamoto Earthquake 6

Publication date:2016-04-20

AMDA Emergency Relief for Kumamoto Earthquake 6

On April 19th, the first team of AMDA's medical personnel (one doctor, two nurses and one coordinator) completed its mission in Mashiki-machi. For further assistance, the second and the third teams will be taking over the activities with one obstetrician also joining the relief effort. 

While Mashiki-machi’s municipal government has asked AMDA to provide medical services at a local school, three nurses, one coordinator and one school counsellor have additionally joined forces to help the evacuees. As for the medical relief held at a local health and welfare facility, the team from Kumamoto Doctors Association is now in charge of it.


One common ailment seen among patients is a bedsore; some of the patients are transferred to the nearby medical facility if their condition is serious. Food poisoning is also seen as ready-made dishes (provided as food supplies) often go stale. Shortage of water has caused constipation among elderly evacuees as they tend to drink less water to refrain from going to the toilet. As a whole, AMDA has seen 71 patients throughout the day; ailments range from digestive problems, surgical ailments, high blood pressure to upper respiratory infections.


On April 20th, AMDA is sending its fourth team (one doctor, one nurse, one pharmacist, one coordinator/emergency medical technician) from Soja City, Okayama. The team is expected to bring the bulk of relief supplies to the disaster area on a truck. The relief personnel from Soja City Government will be joining the team as well. Soja City Government is providing two electric cars to be used at the disaster site, and they will be taken (driven) to the area at the same time.

The relief supplies include, medicine, sanitary goods, food items, disposable paper tableware, portable toilets and water.


The fourth team is leaving for Kumamoto at 10:40am, April 20th.


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